Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Video: Call Me Out

I know, I know. Not a food blog. You cannot eat this one so please refrain from licking the screen.

Ew, gross, really?  Stop that.

Call You Out is my first video. I had a blast making it. Thank you to all my guildies who helped me with support, ideas and advice.  <DunderMifflin> You guys ROCK!

Tell me what you are thinking. Post a comment here or on my channel. I can't wait to hear your review.




  1. That is awesome! I just watched it yesterday! good job! =D
    awww you delete me in your "Websites I have been known to Frequent" =(

  2. Thank you Amerence. Don't take offense about your website being gone. I am changing things around a lot on the new site & sometimes I change the wrong thing.

  3. No its okay I get that a lot, the next time you visit one's site something is gone. same here with mine I actually try to check on different templates its messing up my widgets. so totally understandable, sorry I was being an emo. lmao!

  4. Great video, N. You should have added a food break in there between all the calling out! =) Seriously, very well done!

  5. Ha! Thanks, I thought about a plug for The Gamer's Fridge in there but it seemed silly. Maybe the next video.

  6. Very funny video. really makes me wanna go run AV....or....maybe not. lol.

  7. That is great! You just gave us the new AV song. :)


  8. Thank you! I am so glad you liked it and thank you for the twitter shout out. Whatever I'm paying you, double it!

  9. Haha, awesome!

    I actually enjoy AV turtles... shh, don't tell anybody!

  10. Your secrets safe with me:) I love BGs, all of them.


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