Lunar Festival Dumplings
Edible Toxic Oozling

Cactus Apple Surprise
Sand Pear Pie

Gnomeragan Gnuggets
Runn Tum Tuber Surprise
Diamond Berries

Kibler's Bits
Silithid-Free Sorbet
Candied Sweet Potatoes

Veggie Root Stew
Conjured Mana Brownie

Curiously Tasty Omelet

Jungle Stew
Bread of the Dead

Broiled Dragon Feast

Soft Banana Bread

Crispy Bat Wings

Kaldorei Spider Kabob

Mulgore Spice Bread

Bellara's Nutterbar

Fortune Cookies

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Crocolisk au Gratin

Cookie's Special Ramlette

Goblin Shortbread

Herb Baked Egg

Banana Cocktail

Juicy Bear Burgers

Bear Steaks

Dalaran Brownie

Conjured Mana Cake

Carrot Cupcake

Fresh Eagle Meat

Deep Fried Plantains

Helboar Bacon BLTs

Westfall Mud Pie


Firecracker Salmon

Frozen Creme Custard

Toasted Smorc

Midsummer Sausage

Kodo Stew

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Salted Eye

Red-Speckled Mushrooms

Blackened Dragonfish

Red Hot Wings

Spicy Hot Talbuk

Mr. Bubble's Shockingly Delicious Ice Cream

Succulent Pork Ribs

Stuffed Bush Chicken

Smoked Desert Dumplings

Heaven Peach Crisp
Spice Bread Stuffed

Conjured Cinnamon Rolls

Conjured Mana Muffins

Buzzard Bites

 Brewfest Soft Pretzel

Worm Delight
Slow Roasted Turkey

Ogri'la Chicken Fingers
Lunar Festival Dumplings
Sauteed Carrots
Spicy Mushan Noodles
Braised Turtle Meat
Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes
Conjured Mana Pudding
Valley Stir Fry
 Essance Mango and Banana
Mango & Tel'Abim Banana Bread
Holiday Cheesewheel 

Sand Pear Pie
Morning Glory Dew
Winter Veil Cookies
Fish Cakes
Jade Fried Rice
Poached Salmon
Hell-Hoot BBQ
Berry Sliced Pie
Bat Bites
Hozu Stir Fry

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