Friday, December 30, 2011

Diamond Berries ~ World of Warcraft

Fun with Kool-Aid Week here at The Gamer's Fridge.

Venturing through the Outlands yesterday I ran across a vendor selling these babies.
Being raised in Azeroth I had never seen this type of snack before. So tangy and sweet I knew I had to get the recipe.

You will need:
6 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 Kool-Aid packet, any flavor

I choose Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
It's my favorite.

Combine water, sugar and Kool-aid packet. Stir.

I left it in the freezer over night.

I used a plastic mixing bowl and after it was frozen. I squeezed the sides of the bowl to loosen it.
If you have any Kool-Aid that doesn't fit into your container, fill some ice cubes with it.
I'll make blue ice cubes and drop them into red Kool-Aid. Fun!

Chopped it up with a knife.
I used them as rough cut ice cubes in a different flavored glass of Kool-Aid.
Or eat as is.



  1. I wish I was a better cook! Would love to try to make these things for my kids :)

  2. Pour some kool-aid into a bowl and freeze it. You can do it!


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