Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shire Rations

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For the well traveled Hobbit I bring you shire rations. A lightweight cloth bag with drawstring; lined to water proof it and protect it from the elements.

This Shire Ration is not the Superior Shire ration, the superior is much larger and designed to feed a large group. This ration is for one Hobbit adventurer.

It contains:

2   Sharp cheese wheels

5   marinated chicken cutlets (turkey jerkey)

1   shire apple

Perfect for a Hobbit's grand adventure.

I found a brown cloth remnant very cheap and small piece of cord. My husband is actually the sewer of the family. I described what kind of pouch I wanted, handed him the cloth and cord, I showed him what I was putting into it. So he would know how big to make it. About half an hour later, he handed it to me. He doesn't use a pattern, just cuts out a bag shape and sews it together.

The best thing about handmade is it's not supposed to be perfect. Irregularities give pieces character.

Here is a photo of the rations all packed up and ready to go.

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