Friday, June 10, 2011


Leave it to Northrend to come up with the perfect Summertime treat. Frostberries are a deliciously cool snack. The frozen berries burst in your mouth with chilled fruity flavor. After a small gathering quest from Librarian Serrah in the Coldarra to help her rebuild her stock you can buy these fun fruity snacks from her anytime. (Tell her Edenvale sent you.)

You will need:

1 cup (150 g) green grapes 
1 cup (150 g) red grapes
a few tablespoons of granulated sugar.

Remove grapes from the stems and rinse thoroughly.

Place the damp grapes on a cookie sheet with a towel or paper towel on it. The towel will soak up any extra water and prevent the grapes from freezing to each other and the cookie sheet. Spread them out evenly.

Leave in the freezer for at least 4 hours preferably overnight. Roll the grapes around on the towel to get more sugar to stick to them. Omitting the sugar is always an option for a healthier snack.


  1. Yum! =) I am actually eating some green grapes right now haha good timing! =)

  2. These were so good and they look so great in a bowl.


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