Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BurgerTime Burgers

I've got the Atari out and I am ready to be eight years old again. Mmmm, Swedish fish and Hawaiian punch.

Oh, hey....back to burgers. right!

Ok, you guys! Down and dirty. Meat, I get mine from a local butcher.  Hence the white paper. I know, it's very Brady Bunch but you will see in the third photo. No grease. Hamburger from Walmart doesn't cook like that.

Form the meat into patties the size you want them and place into a hot pan on medium heat.

Cover and cook for 10 minutes or more on each side until done.  The burgers should have an internal temperature of  160 degrees F (72degrees C)

Wait a minute, one's missing.

He claims it "fell apart" and it was "quality control".
He looks guilty...and full. 

The assembly - BurgerTime style.

how to make an animated gif

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