Friday, September 16, 2011

Buzzard Bites

You will need:

Meatballs (I salt and peppered them)

Onion ring mix
1 cup of mix
1/2 cup water
mix until smooth adding water if needed

Cook the meatballs thoroughly in a skillet,

Drop the cooked meatball into the batter and coat.

Drop the coated meatball into hot oil in a deep fryer or a pan with heated oil on a stove.
Oil should be between 350-375 F (177-190 C)

Fry until coating is a golden brown. 

Set on a wire rack to drain excess grease.

Add to spaghetti and surprise the gamer in your life.


  1. Your killin' me! I want some! NOW!!

    So, how about it? When I'm rich and open my own restaurant, like everyone does (right?), come be chef XD

    - Jamin

  2. I made my own pesto, put it over noodles and served with buzzard bites. It was delicious!

    Of course I would!


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